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Kendra A. Arbesman; M.Sc., P.G.
Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC)

Mindfully ADHD Self-COmpassion Teacher (MASCOT™)

International Coaching Federation (ICF) - member

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Certified Mentor Coach (InviteChange)

Kendra A. Arbesman

By embarking on a voyage together with me,
I can

the vast ocean of ADHD

or  REALIGN  your internal compass

new territory, your own course

long-lasting waves of change

a purpose-driven, inspired life!

Hi, I'm Kendra!

If you've navigated your way to finding me here, it's likely we share a common thread (i.e., similar to you, I am an adult, and have been a student, teenager, child, etc. living every day with ADHD.

However, I wasn't even aware that I'd ADHD until my ship began taking on water when the (ADHD) tools and strengths I'd apparently been leveraging, unbeknownst to me, could no longer keep me afloat.

Suddenly a life riddled with success & accomplishment (e.g., I'm on the little boat being raised onto the ~185ft RV-Davidson in the picture to the left, and I was offshore on this vessel during Hurricane Katrina), was thrown completely off course by the "perfect storm."

I have faced egregious challenges, letdowns, setbacks, painful rejection...

I have been knocked to the ground, off balance, off center, out of alignment...

I have experienced the Mariana Trench of despair; loneliness; isolation; hopelessness; debilitating overwhelm, self-criticism, and self-judgment...

And I've been "there" innumerable times over the years - seemingly lost amidst the vicious swirling storm of my ADHD...

And yet...I've also bounced "back" by persevering through the raging storm, reconfiguring my navigation system, adapting, steering through the ominous darkness, determined to get back on course.  After all, I'm humbly blessed with the gift of an explorer's mind - just one of many possible ADHD strengths....



I'd love to hear from you

Serving Northern Colorado & Southern Wyoming, U.S.

And the far corners of the Earth virtually since (April 2020).


Thanks - I'll be in touch!

Thank you for connecting with me at Capillary Waves (ADHD Life) Coaching, LLC!


I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you, learn about your personal life goals, in addition to the obstacles that may be impeding your goals, vision, dreams from becoming reality!

"Every moment counts, from dawn until dusk.

May you live each moment intentionally."

-Kendra Arbesman

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