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My Coaching Approach

Mountaineous Landscape
  • Are you STUCK, despite previously experiencing quantifiable success,

       with little to no forward momentum?


  • Feeling OUT of ALIGNMENT with your life path, career, goals, etc.?


  • CRIPPLED by OVERWHELM & ANXIETY about the "what" and/or "how" to implement steps toward your goals?


  • Seeking to live a PURPOSE-DRIVEN, INSPIRED LIFE fueled by embracing your unique ADHD?


  • Is there a GAP between where you are NOW and where you'd LIKE, WANT, or DREAM to be?

   BENEFITS of coaching with me:

  • EXPLORE the complex world of ADHD in general & EMPOWER yourself with greater KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING


  • Learn about your unique STRENGTHS & how to leverage them (i.e., overall strengths + those attributable to your ADHD)


  • Identify & understand how your very personal CORE VALUES guide & influence the decisions & choices you have made throughout your life

   What DIFFERENTIATES my coaching practice:

  • Specializing in MINDFULNESS and MINDFUL SELF-COMPASSION techniques catered to and specifically designed for the ADHD community

  • Over a decade of experience working as a career APPLIED SCIENCE & ENGINEERING professional (i.e., living successfully with the numerous challenges of undiagnosed ADHD by unknowingly leveraging my personal ADHD strengths)

  • An intimate understanding about the impact & complications that TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES (TBIs) may superimpose upon

        preexisting challenges of living with ADHD

  • ...

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