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My Story


I am an adult living with combined-type ADHD (my primary diagnosis), in addition to a sprinkling of comorbid conditions (i.e., research has established that at least 2-3 comorbid conditions, among the 8-9 common ones, intrinsically accompany ADHD.)


More importantly, I have always lived with this unique neurobiology, although I wasn't officially diagnosed until my late 30s some ~8 years after a resourceful MD suggested that I may have ADHD.  The unofficial diagnosis at 29 was rendered when I found myself knocked completely off course as I faced a painful divorce amidst working on my dream PhD at the Graduate School of Oceanography in Rhode Island.  My first major (undiagnosed) ADHD disaster.  But I digress....

All throughout my adolescent years I sailed undetected on the radar as a girl with ADHD (i.e., I excelled in school with a core value of learning, was well-liked by my teachers, wasn’t disruptive - the perceived hallmark trait of the "stereotypical ADHD little boy," etc.) However, looking back with the in-depth knowledge I gained through extensively researching ADHD, I recognize the presence of numerous ADHD markers in my youth.  The medical field simply hadn't deduced that ADHD isn't solely a “disorder” associated with hyperactive little boys.  Even if it had, I might have still flown under the radar, for the structure of living under my parents’ roof combined with my core value for learning (#2 of my CliftonStrengths, formerly StrengthsFinder 2.0) and commitment to pursuing higher education could likely have occluded discovery of my unique ADHD, etc.

My own struggles with ADHD - both prior to and after my diagnosis - triggered a pivotal moment in my life - one that ultimately fueled the passion that drove me to drastically change careers (i.e., from geotechnical engineering consulting and groundwater contamination remediation to ADHD life coaching).

I truly believe that I've an innate gift for coaching.  Genuine reflections and feedback from clients, and esteemed colleagues, instructors, and mentors; in addition to my own intuition and empathic resonance, have led me to this humble introspection.  I therefore feel blessed to combine this gift with a deep desire to help others rise above the challenges of their personal ADHD and thrive.


My Coaching Approach

Mountaineous Landscape
  • Are you STUCK, despite previously experiencing quantifiable success,

       with little to no forward momentum?


  • Feeling OUT of ALIGNMENT with your life path, career, goals, etc.?


  • CRIPPLED by OVERWHELM & ANXIETY about the "what" and/or "how" to implement steps toward your goals?


  • Seeking to live a PURPOSE-DRIVEN, INSPIRED LIFE fueled by embracing your unique ADHD?


  • Is there a GAP between where you are NOW and where you'd LIKE, WANT, or DREAM to be?

   BENEFITS of coaching with me:

  • EXPLORE the complex world of ADHD in general & EMPOWER yourself

       with greater KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING


  • Learn about your unique STRENGTHS & how to leverage them (i.e., overall strengths + those attributable to your ADHD)


  • Identify & understand how your very personal CORE VALUES guide &

       influence the decisions & choices you have made throughout your life

   What DIFFERENTIATES my coaching practice:

  • Specializing in MINDFULNESS and MINDFUL SELF-COMPASSION techniques catered specifically for the ADHD community


  • Over a decade of experience working as a career APPLIED SCIENCE & ENGINEERING professional (i.e., living successfully with the numerous challenges of undiagnosed ADHD by unknowingly leveraging my personal ADHD strengths)

  • An intimate understanding about the impact & complications that TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES (TBIs) may superimpose upon

        preexisting challenges of living with ADHD


More about Me

Mountain Biking in the Fog

My ADHD is reportedly off the far end of the spectrum, combined-type ADHD (i.e., hyperactive-impulsive, inattentive), which Ned Hallowell, M.D. describes as the "holy trinity."  And with any of the three types of ADHD, there is the inherent accompaniment of hyper-sensitivity (a.k.a. hyper-sensitive person) and having rejection-sensitive dysphoria (RSD).  Thus, my life has certainly not always been, nor is it always now, Forrest Gump's "box of chocolates."

Empathic, highly intuitive, and self-aware; an explorer, a "hardcore" introvert, tomboy, a "why-child" (i.e., inquisitive about everything relative to an insatiable curiosity about the world, people, cultures, etc.), and much more.  My determination to leverage these and other personal ADHD strengths is a force with which to be reckoned when those persistent comorbid conditions (e.g., anxiety, overwhelm, dysthymia) are not detaining me. William Dodson, M.D. of Dodson ADHD Center in Colorado once asked me, "Have you ever 'not' been able to do something in which you've been interested or set out to do?"  I paused to reflect for a moment.  And when I finally arrived at a concrete answer, I was dumbfounded, and humbled...extremely humbled.  "Why, no...," I remarked rather unobtrusively.


Education & Certifications

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  • Mindfully ADHD Self-COmpassion Training (MASCOT™) - proprietary

  • ...

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