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My Story


I am an adult living with combined-type ADHD (my primary diagnosis), in addition to a sprinkling of comorbid conditions (i.e., research has established that at least 2-3 comorbid conditions, among the 8-9 common ones, intrinsically accompany ADHD.)


More importantly, I have always lived with this unique neurobiology, although I wasn't officially diagnosed until my late 30s some ~8 years after a resourceful MD suggested that I may have ADHD.  The unofficial diagnosis at 29 was rendered when I found myself knocked completely off course as I faced a painful divorce amidst working on my dream PhD at the Graduate School of Oceanography in Rhode Island.  My first major (undiagnosed) ADHD disaster.  But I digress....

All throughout my adolescent years I sailed undetected on the radar as a girl with ADHD (i.e., I excelled in school with a core value of learning, was well-liked by my teachers, wasn’t disruptive - the perceived hallmark trait of the "stereotypical ADHD little boy," etc.) However, looking back with the in-depth knowledge I gained through extensively researching ADHD, I recognize the presence of numerous ADHD markers in my youth.  The medical field simply hadn't deduced that ADHD isn't solely a “disorder” associated with hyperactive little boys.  Even if it had, I might have still flown under the radar, for the structure of living under my parents’ roof combined with my core value for learning (#2 of my CliftonStrengths, formerly StrengthsFinder 2.0) and commitment to pursuing higher education could likely have occluded discovery of my unique ADHD, etc.

My own struggles with ADHD - both prior to and after my diagnosis - triggered a pivotal moment in my life - one that ultimately fueled the passion that drove me to drastically change careers (i.e., from geotechnical engineering consulting and groundwater contamination remediation to ADHD life coaching).

I truly believe that I've an innate gift for coaching.  Genuine reflections and feedback from clients, and esteemed colleagues, instructors, and mentors; in addition to my own intuition and empathic resonance, have led me to this humble introspection.  I therefore feel blessed to combine this gift with a deep desire to help others rise above the challenges of their personal ADHD and thrive.

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