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The Mindfully ADHD Self-COmpassion Training™ program is a vision that has grown conceptually since investing in myself via the pioneering work of Kristin Neff, Ph.D. and Christopher Germer, Ph.D. on mindful self-compassion (MSC) in March 2018.  The MASCOT program's inception, October 2020, came about by a rather challenging, yet powerfully motivating, set of circumstances, which I ultimately hope to weave into the fabric of the program's success.  As an MSC teacher trainee, it occurred to me to boldly step out of the box to develop a program specifically geared toward those who live with the inherent challenges of ADHD (i.e., including myself!)

My passion includes teaching and supporting others via treating their ADHD with a multi-modal approach.  A multi-modal approach may include prescription medications; ADHD life coaching; psychotherapy; holistic herbal remedies; in addition to the basic human needs of good sleep hygiene, nutrition, and exercise.

Mindfully ADHD Self-COmpassion Training


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